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Favourites from VKL

That’s Vogue Knitting Live, dudes! I agonized over whether I should take this trip – whether I should spend the money and precious vacation days, and whether I would enjoy going alone. So glad I did. It was my first time in New York, and I loved the city as much as I thought I would. And I loved the workshops even more.

I’m a terrible tourist when it comes to the photo-taking. I think I took about 6 photos in total, despite taking along both my digital and polaroid cameras. There just wasn’t enough time – I only had one day to see the city, and the other two days were in workshops and lectures that were just too interesting to stop for photos.

I’ve only been to one other knitting event like this and it was a bit of a disappointment. I took technique-based classes, and they’re just not for me. This time around, I took all design-based classes and they were so useful. Really, it was great all around. So for the knitting lovers and NYC lovers alike, here are the highlights from my too-quick trip:

- picked up some Green Mountain Spinnery shade cards (a GREAT yarn)

- learned about proper fit from Laura Bryant, and loved Fiona Ellis’ class on design details

- let Ysolda beat some math into me

- finally got my hands on some Fiber Company yarns

- met her and her in my classes

- breathed in the sweet air of Purl Soho

- saw this

- ate delicious food

- told Norah that I love her

- froze my ass off on the Empire State

- met Shannon, from whom I took an online class several years ago

- walked the High Line, because I still have a few landscape architect cells in my body

- and got a little crush on this guy (and the yarn is so great, too)